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You will receive a friendly welcome from one of our staff members-please let us know when you arrive for an appointment.

Appointments run at 10 – 15 minute intervals.

We always aim to keep to time but we hope you appreciate this isn’t always possible if dealing with emergencies. We ask you to be patient as we hope you understand sometimes very ill animals will need to be treated first.

Consult room

Examination of your pet will take place here. Observations and details will be recorded and we will involve you in any decisions to be made about your pet’s treatment and/or medication.

Laboratory services

Blood tests

We run a wide variety of in-house blood tests. Blood test results will usually be completed within a couple of hours, which enables the vet to make a diagnosis and plan the appropriate treatment for your pet. Some tests may need to be sent to an external laboratory.


In-house urine testing available for initial assessment e.g kidney function and diabetes. Further testing available at external laboratory.


We offer dental scaling and extractions and emergency dental work on small animals. We have available an ultra sonic scaler and high speed drill.

X-ray and ultrasound

Excluding Cross Hands Surgery, all our branches can offer in-house x-ray with developing facilities which enables us to make a diagnosis rapidly. Ultrasound is also available at our main branches.

Operating theatre

Excluding Cross Hands, all our branches have fully equipped operating theatres.

Blood pressure machine

We are able to monitor your pet’s blood pressure in-house.